6 weeks in Paradise….

Hi at all!

Thats my first blog entry in English, so please I apologize for my bad english writing….

As announced a few important news. I will leave Melbourne. For a little while… though. From mid / late August, I move for almost 6 weeks for Bundaberg / Queensland. Daniel, a former fellow student from my University in Wuerzburg is a really nice fella that he let  me live 6 weeks at his place. This means that my travel plans will change. I am flying on Wednesday to Sydney and travel with a campervan along the East Coast up to Brisbane and take a train to Bundy!

Then we are going on a BIG trip through the Outback. We are travelling 10 days with a Mercedes Benz, built in 1983 on endless gravel roads. We will have a look at Lake Eyre  and then at the peak of our trip we will visit the Birdsville Races.

The other weeks I spend in Bundaberg, which is known for its highalcoholic-rum. I will also travel to the  nearby largest sand island in the world Fraser Island. As well I will dive on the Great Barrier Reef.
You will you ask, why? Well … is not much happening at work at the moment and my boss said, he just needs me back to work in October. So lets use that chance to travel a little bit around….in warmer areas of Australia!

Well, that’s it from me.

Again very warm congratulations to Achim and Verena, at 1 August they are now parents of young Sophie (3890 grams, 54 cm).

And another news, I will get a niece in mid-November! In my friend circle and relatives are only girls born!

kisses and greetz



~ by lelila78 on 18. August 2009.

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