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Hi folks!!!

Yes, yes I am very lazy to write my English blog, but something will change. As soon as I arrive in Canada, I will frequently write articles for my English speaking friends.

Just a short update: I am still in Germany and recover from my splenoctomy surgery 3 weeks ago. Now I am about to book my flight to Vancouver. British Airways has very cheap prices at the moment. I am looking around the 21st of April to start my new adventurous life in Vancouver. I have to inform my boss that I will start my work a little bit later.

Therefore I am just happy that my pain is almost gone and I will gain my full recovery soon.




Video about my trip to Birdsville finally online!!!

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Here are the youtube links:

Part 1:

Part 2:



Blue Mountains and Eastcoast of New South Wales (21st and 22nd of August)

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Hello, my darlings!

Greetings from the sub-tropical Bundaberg in Queensland! But before I talk about here, I would like to tell of the events of the past week:

On Friday morning I woke up early in the hostel and went with all my stuff to the station to catch the train to Mascot. Our Sydney office is  in the vicinity of the airport (we are in Melbourne 40 km away). At 9:45 I arrived with plenty of baggage (large and small bag plus a laptop), the Branch and fortunately it was opening a little earlier. The office space I liked very well and everything is much larger than in our cute branch in Melbourne. I was welcomed by Sam, a very nice New Zealander with a cheerful Kiwi accent. Oh, what have I missed this accent!

This time I had decided to go for a small Toyota HiTop as a vehicle. I first met Stephanie, a German woman who works there. We chatted for a while and then I loaded all my luggage in the brand new Toyota (only 1000 miles on the odometer) und10 minutes later I was then again “on the road ” and fought my way through the Sydney Friday traffic.

After half an hour I was on the way to my first day’s destination: the Blue Mountains. They are about 100 km west of Sydney. And after another hour I would stand in front of the Wentworth Falls, which somehow had not really looked after the waterfall, no wonder, even in New South Wales, it never rained almost the whole winter. As the weather was very nice, I decided to make the “Undercliff top” Walk, who was just over 6 kms long and had an infinite number of steps and uphill, downhill lead. As you can imagine, I was already back on the cursing. And I still had sore muscles the day before from my beachwalk. After exhausting 2 hours I was back at the van and totally exhausted.

But I had big plans. The next stop should be in Katoomba, this place is right on a 150 to 200m deep abyss and the scenery there was breathtaking. Since I haven´t bought any groceries yet, I decided to give my camera a break and went shopping. Man, I shopped too much for 5 days, but no worries….
When I left the supermarket, I noticed that the weather had changed, it was stormy and dark clouds covered the sky. Actually, I still wanted to walk the “Three Sisters to Walk”, but I decided against it as it slowly began to drizzle. So only a brief photo stop at the three famous pinnacles. I decided to try it the next day again, finally, was reported bomb weather for the weekend. Meanwhile it started to rain and was cold and so I checked myself to the campsite in Katoomba, cooked, put the heater on and listened to the rain.

On the way to the North (August 22)

I woke up cause from the strong rain and the whipping wind and I thought that I could forget the walk today. By the time I finished breakfast at least the rain stopped, but the cold wind was still there. Because of this, and that I still had muscle soreness in the calves, I decided to break up already heading north.

Then I drove the way back, the  Sydney traffic jungle took about 2 hours. Then I was finally on the FREEWAY/AUTOBAHN towards Newcastle. Yes, you heard right, I’m using the word AUTOBAHN, because it was literally one: 6 lanes with hard shoulder, exits, service areas. The only catch was that I was allowed to drive only 110 km h /, but otherwise well-highway worthy. I decided as many miles as I could, I wanted to be in the evening in Port Macquarie, about 400 km north. I didn´t want to drive all the time the Pacific Highway, I took a few detours worth seeing to look at the Myall Lakes and Booti Booti National Park. Relatively late at 6 pm I reached the campsite at Port Macquarie. With free internet and pool! And the weather: from Sydney to Port Macquarie I had only sunshine :)!

Finally SYDNEY!!!

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Love and greetings from Sydney!! Since I have just had a little time (and free internet) I’m going to summarize the last two days.

Sydney day 1: an annoying flight and sightseeing!

The first day began early for me, very early. I had to get up at 5.45 clock to catch my bus, which was to take me to the Southern Cross train station, drove from there with the shuttle bus to the airport. I do not know if I told you once before that, but it does not officially exist in Melbourne airport rail link with public transport. Actually there are only two options: the expensive taxi or the airport bus stop. Well, I stood around 7:30 clock in a looong queue for the bus. I hoped that I could catch this bus, since my flight left at 9 clock.

Thank God, I caught the bus and went straight to the counter of Jet-Star. They informed me that my flight would depart in the international terminal, which was convenient for me that I was a bit of time in distress. Because normally when you have a domestic flight, you have no major security checks and you are in 5 minutes at the gate. Well, since I had “thankfully” an international connecting flight (plane came from Bali which only had to refuel in order to continue flying to Sydney), I had to endure the whole customs shit about me. Thank God I had at the last minute decided to take my passport! Well, after  interminable 45 minutes, I was finally through customs and baggage check and rushed to the gate …. And waited about 45 minutes until we finally took off. Somehow, all my flights in Australia never run off without excitement. I should urge calm and work on myself.

About 11 clock I reached Sydney Airport and my driver took me to the hostel for free. After checking in, I just put my luggage in my room and went out, because this city wanted to be discovered! I went to get a day pass, which that I could use all public transport in Sydney and first I went to the … .. Opera House of course! I immediately jumped on the ferry to Manly Beach.

On the trip I will have a great view of Sydney Harbor with the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. And in fact, it was great, my camera was running hot and smoked the memory card! Incidentally, the weather was quite fantastic and wonderfully warm! Arrived in Manly I went to a large M (yes yes the other days I will be eating healthier, promise) and then off to the beach, where I lay lazily in the sun. Back at the dock, I spotted a “Bavarian Beer Café”  and got a  a dark Franciscans.
Then I went back through Sydney Harbor and Opera House and photographed again 1,000 times that tourist attractions . But that was not all, from Circular Quay (ferry), I then run off to walk to the Opera House and …. you suspect it, no, for my camera, there was no respite! I then had a few nice German acquaintance and sat comfortably together for a beer. As it was getting dark, I tried to get some good night shots, but unfortunately my camera batteries died and I had to come again for another try!

Also I got a really nice sunburn in my face!

Sydney Day 2: In the footsteps of Hugh Jackman, and again the Opera House!

After a good night’s sleep (I was alone in a 6-bed room) I got up very early.  I have made a Sydney programme a while ago. A list of what I wanted to see in Sydney. Hmmm, this list is actually quite short.

1. Opera House and Harbor Bridge
2. Bondi Beach
3. Blue Mountains

So today the Bondi Beach was on the program.

Many who know me know why I absolutely wanted to go to Bondi Beach … For all the ignorant, running on the beach usually around a half-naked Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately he is the days in New York and enjoy the summer (I have researched via the Internet, of course). The way to Bondi, I found it quite easy, even Sydney’s transport system is very clear and simple, can be impossible to get lost. The good weather today was somehow delayed, despite sunshine and 24 degrees were announced. A very cloudy sky waited for me at Bondi.

That, at least I was rewarded with crisp surfers who tried to catch the best waves. I chose to walk the 6 km long walk to the nearby Coogee Beach. Always on the sea. On my long journey I met soooo many joggers and athletes that I seemed a bit strange only “normal”  walking. Damn it, they are all sporty people here! On the other hand, I have time to do something! The Walk was beautiful and lasted just over 3 hours. And the sun finally came out and I was pretty sweating. This time, I didn´t forget to apply sun cream, I’m willing to learn. I allowed myself then at Coogee Beach to have Fish and chips for lunch (yes, I know, the diet starts tomorrow, I promise!) And still lay around a bit on the beach.

Then I took the bus into town and decided to once again take the ferry, but this time in the other direction ….under the bridge. This ferry trip took me to Darling Harbor, where the Aquarium and the Maritime Museum are. But I did not actually attend both. But is simply beautiful to do a ferry ride.  In Auckland, I have done it more often. In the evening I tried again to photograph the Opera House at night, which I do not succeed again, yes, my camera has a huge nightshot issue.

So that’s was my two days Sydney, now I am sitting under a shower in the hostel. I am looking forward to hiking, in the Blue Moutains, tomorrow.

Greetings from your traveler


6 weeks in Paradise….

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Hi at all!

Thats my first blog entry in English, so please I apologize for my bad english writing….

As announced a few important news. I will leave Melbourne. For a little while… though. From mid / late August, I move for almost 6 weeks for Bundaberg / Queensland. Daniel, a former fellow student from my University in Wuerzburg is a really nice fella that he let  me live 6 weeks at his place. This means that my travel plans will change. I am flying on Wednesday to Sydney and travel with a campervan along the East Coast up to Brisbane and take a train to Bundy!

Then we are going on a BIG trip through the Outback. We are travelling 10 days with a Mercedes Benz, built in 1983 on endless gravel roads. We will have a look at Lake Eyre  and then at the peak of our trip we will visit the Birdsville Races.

The other weeks I spend in Bundaberg, which is known for its highalcoholic-rum. I will also travel to the  nearby largest sand island in the world Fraser Island. As well I will dive on the Great Barrier Reef.
You will you ask, why? Well … is not much happening at work at the moment and my boss said, he just needs me back to work in October. So lets use that chance to travel a little bit around….in warmer areas of Australia!

Well, that’s it from me.

Again very warm congratulations to Achim and Verena, at 1 August they are now parents of young Sophie (3890 grams, 54 cm).

And another news, I will get a niece in mid-November! In my friend circle and relatives are only girls born!

kisses and greetz


Hello world!

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